Continental Datalabel has seen sufficient growth in the digital printing side of our business. We believe this growth stems from the level of service we are able to offer our distributors and the opportunities in new markets that digital print opens up. With digital printing, we can offer quick turnaround time and a cost effective way to provide both short and long runs along with variable data, perfect registration, CMYK plus extended gamut and a large print media range.

Companies that benefit from digital printing typically require small quantities with variable imaging and customized projects with tight deadlines. For example, small businesses such as craft breweries, wineries, and shops selling their own handcrafted products create an increased demand for multiple versioning and personalization of product packaging and labeling. There is also a continuing trend from print buyers to make sure their content is up to date. If the products or services being offered have frequent specification changes, digital printing certainly should be considered. This helps maintain lower inventory levels with the ability to make inexpensive re-runs.

Continental Datalabel leverages digital printing by delivering a cost effective way to improve productivity and reliability. Digital presses do not require plates, which results in reduced setup for prepress and allows for straight from computer to print. The reduced set-up saves press time and minimizes costs associated with scrap since the first label is always good to go. Our digital press has the capability to print variable information from barcodes and numbering, all the way to personalization and database merges. This variability is useful when jobs require many versions and need multiple SKU’s ran together. Additionally, the ability to provide 4-color process plus extended gamut, spot and full varnish, various laminations, cold foil and security printing provide multiple options of customization.

We realize the label market is perpetually changing. Continental Datalabel is constantly adapting and researching new products and services to help our distributors drive growth in new and existing markets. Additionally, there are countless opportunities to cross-sell products to end-users from what you are already offering them. As your partner, we are here to help you discover and capitalize on these opportunities through concrete solutions.